As the name ‘Minor Injury Service’ suggests, this service covers injuries which:

    • Are unlikely to have serious consequences

    • Are relatively simple to treat

    • Have happened in the last 2 days

 If it is suspected that a problem may be serious, patients should either go to their nearest A&E or call 999 as appropriate.

 For minor injuries MORE THAN 48 HOURS OLD, patients should make an appointment to be seen by their GP in the normal way.

 Examples of Injuries which will be treated

    • Blows to head without loss of consciousness

    • Minor dislocation of fingers or toes

    • Minor accident to hands, feet or limbs

    • Recent injury of a severity not suitable for simple domestic first aid

    • Foreign bodies superficially embedded in tissue

    • Foreign bodies aggravating but not penetrating eye

    • Simple urinary tract infection (UTI) – not requiring GP to examine*

 * If you feel you have a UTI but do not need to see a GP, you can take a sample to the Treatment Room and an antibiotic will be left if the sample is positive for a UTI.

 This list is not comprehensive but provides an indication of the scope of the service.

 Examples of Injuries not suitable for treatment at the Surgery

    • Fractures or accidents to hands, feet or limbs substantially affecting function

    • Penetrating injuries

    • Blow to head with loss of consciousness

    • Deeply embedded foreign bodies

    • Foreign bodies in bodily orifices

    • Profuse bleeding

    • Serious burns

    • Suspected overdose or poisoning

    • Collapse or fall in a public place

To access the Minor Injury Service patients should go to the Treatment Room or call 4062 3303 for advice.


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